About Us

Get more customers with our proven digital marketing strategies

A Digital Agency

We are experts in harnessing the power of the Internet for small businesses

Forward Thinking

With the rapid pace of the Internet, we need to be out ahead to give our clients the competitive edge

Problem Solvers

There is no one size fits all approach to marketing as every client needs its own customized game plan

Client Support

Our clients are partners and we treat their business as if its our very own.

Our Story

You may be wondering what makes us qualified to speak on digital marketing. We would be thinking the same thing unless our last name was Google. We are a small business, since 2012, that provides digital marketing solutions to small to mid-size companies throughout the United States. Our core specialty is search engine optimization (SEO) services.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 80% 80%
  • Internet Marketing Strategy 60% 60%
  • Lead Generation 80% 80%
  • Marketing ROI 90% 90%
Jason Healey

Jason Healey

Founder and President

Jason Healey is an online certified marketing professional (OCMP), a certified SEO expert through MarketMotive, and a certified professional in digital media and marketing through Duke University. Healey founded and manages the J2H Digital Marketing Agency. For the past four years, Healey has advised more than one hundred small businesses on search engine optimization strategy. Get Jason’s Books on Amazon or at your nearest bookstore today!