The #1 Client Growth Platform

for Small Businesses

We Outperform All  Platforms Combined


Advertising using creative strategies allowing for optimization, influence and improved performance. With J2H,  you’ll no longer depend on Word-of-mouth to “hopefully” bring you new clients. Now you can allow your business to stand out, be positioned on platforms where prospects are spending most of their time.



The most robust and effective follow-up system in the industry. This is where no other platform or competitor even compares. Your new, proven follow-up system works in  any type of small business and it’s continually improved as we find new advanced strategies. This follow-up system eliminates the need for you or your staff to chase leads and try to get a response. You will now only be communicating with prospects who are truly interested in your services.


The most important aspect of J2H is how it gives you and your staff’s time back. Without the requirement to sit and chase clients for endless hours and days, our   platform puts time back in your hands. Focus your time on other areas of the business knowing your marketing system is going to deliver you high-quality client opportunities.


Our focus is on helping you do two things simultaneously, first eliminate wasted labor costs associated with manually following up with inquiries. You can now allow technology to do that for you. Second, your new marketing system will increase inquiries, appointments and bookings. Therefore, increasing your profitability.

The Proven 5-Step Growth System


Step 1- Promote An Offer

This first step uses Google, Facebook and Instagram advertising to acquire leads at a fraction of the average market rate and at any quantity necessary to reach your goals.


Step 2- Capture Leads

Capturing leads is vital to effective marketing. We only run advertising with the intent to acquire leads and give you the opportunity to connect and engage with them.


Step 3- Follow-Up With Leads

Your new inquiries are engaged through automated and semi-automated communication, using mediums with the highest proven engagement rates.

Step 4- Book Appointments

We turn inquiries and leads into booked appointment with your Practice. Increasing client volume and providing necessary care to your new patients.

Step 5- Gather Reviews & Referrals

After the appointment, you can trigger an automated campaign asking for referrals and reviews. We make it easy for clients, because after all, referrals become the best new clients.

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