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Beyond Digital Marketing Consulting We Provide the Following Services:


PPC Ads Management

Generate instant results with paid online advertising to direct traffic to your website. We offer Search Engine, Retargeting and Display advertising solutions.


SEO Services

In the ever changing landscape of SEO, it can be hard to keep up. From on-page and off-page, to pandas and penguins, our SEO experts will keep your business’s search game on point.


Social Media Ads Management

With the ability to pin-point your target demo, retarget prospects who visited your website, and build custom audiences from existing customer lists, your business can’t afford to overlook social advertising.


Cross Channel Marketing Programs

We provide clients with a pinpoint cross-channel marketing program. We take the guesswork out of who to target in your market, what types of offers they prefer and if they are shopping for your products and services right now.

 Testimonials from Professional Peers

Jason is a hands down, SEO authority. His knowledge, not just of SEO, but of marketing and business growth is amazing. Down to earth and always the consummate professional, Jason will be an asset to any business in need of a better web presence and desired traffic. His ability to take a business and re-engineer its marketing campaign on the search engine platform is astounding. I recommend him to anyone looking to get results and amp up the marketing of his or her business.

Drew Sohn


Jason is a great SEO, keeping up with the current trends in the industry. His thought leadership on the topic of SEO maturity model demonstrates the value he provides to the industry.

John Cass

Director of Marketing, OnSource Online

Jason stands at the forefront of innovation and progress in the SEO industry. He has assisted me propel my business and further at a pace unmatched with any training. He practical about his results and oriented to never shy away from challenges or competitive markets. I would high recommend Jason’s services to any company ready to explode their customer and clicks.

Nick Burch

Customer Success Manager, TribeChase

Jason is absolutely killing it with SEO. He has lot of experience and uses all of the cutting edge SEO techniques to deliver the best results possible. I can highly recommend him.

Oliver Kuerrer

Digital Marketing Consultant, Oliver Kuerrer

Jason is the most impressive person I add the pleasure to work with. He has a large and deep range of knowledge when it comes to brand visibility and marketing online. For me, he is the Mac Gyver of the web. Highly recommended !

Bertrand Grondin

Founder, Agence Le Pro du SEO

Jason is absolutely killing it with SEO. He has lot of experience and uses all of the cutting edge SEO techniques to deliver the best results possible. I can highly recommend him.

Oliver Kuerrer

Digital Marketing Consultant, Oliver Kuerrer

I had heard of Jason via his services with a local law firm that represents me. I was a little hesitant because he “specialized” in a field that my business was not in, but Jason explained this wasn’t really an issue in search. I trusted Jason.

Through our relationship, I would be reassured by Jason a few more times on unrelated matters that still spooked me out a bit. I’m guessing they were trivial worries from his perspective, but he always found a way to make me feel comfortable while we were waiting to get some results. After a few months, we saw some significant progress and now happily site high on page one for the search terms we originally aimed for!

Gregory Brooks

Director of Marketing, Search Tides

Search Engine Optimization Expert. Jason understands the algorithms of Google and helps multiple companies that don’t. If you are still thinking whether or not you should be hiring Jason for his Marketing work, than stop and just do it. Jason is a man full of integrity and that is a characteristic that is hard to come about nowadays.

Jayme Washington

Founder & CEO, WashTone Media

Jason comes highly recommended as a professional in his field. His knowledge and expertise in SEO can help any business achieve more traffic and leads. If you are a business owner and looking to make a significant difference in your web presence I would not look any further than Jason. He uses all of the cutting edge SEO techniques with an efficient and consistent delivery to match.

Jessica Robinson

Owner, Top Eagle Digital

Jason Healey is a great SEO consultant. He provided us thorough research on our website optimization and what our competition was up to. Then, he offered a well-thought out plan to increase our business’s online visibility and drive more revenue from the Internet. Jason is one of the best internet marketers I have worked with and I highly recommend him to any business that wants to dominate the competition.

Ger Giffney

Founder, Great White Leads Internet Media

One thing comes to mind when I think of Jason Healey. RESULTS! He moves websites from point A to point B on Google, and point B is more often than not the #1 spot. Jason is doing big things and can dominate any niche. Highly recommended!

Joshua Hudson

Chief Marketing Officer, Build Your Brand LLC

If you are in the market for SEO or SEM stop your search now and contact Jason. He has proven time and again that he can deliver results by ranking your site on Google and driving traffic to help sales skyrocket. On top of this, he’s a genuine guy who provides elite customer service to his clients.

Matt Kellogg

Principal Owner, Golden Gate SEO

Jason is an expert and possesses proven strategies in SEO, online marketing and reputation management. As a result, he provides a massive advantage to all who are fortunate enough to work with him. He is also a great communicator, very personable and inspirational. I highly recommend Jason.

Robb Lejuwaan

Founder & CEO, BluHook

SEO is not something to be taken casually. It takes considerable skill and training to accomplish. I think Jason has the right approach at J2H Digital and understands very well that SEO and Social Media marketing are really two sides to the same coin.

Both are designed to drive organic traffic to a web page or a website, but the methods to accomplish this are quite different. The most effective strategy is of course, to use a combination of both approaches, not one at the exclusion of the other.

I highly recommend Jason as a competent SEO professional.

John Lombaerde

Owner, Gold Finch Digital Publishing

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