SEO Case Study: innRoad Software

Case Study: Revamping SEO Strategy for a SaaS Company Specializing in Hotel Software

Client: innRoad

Industry: Technology (Software-as-a-Service)


A New York City-based SaaS company offering specialized software solutions for small hotels, inns, and B&Bs across the United States sought to enhance their online presence and lead generation through effective SEO. After experiencing inadequate results from a previous marketing agency, the client turned to J2H Digital for a revitalized SEO strategy.


The client’s initial SEO efforts were underperforming, characterized by:

  1. Utilization of low-impact keywords with minimal monthly searches.
  2. Content published online that lacked effective anchor text alignment with strategic keywords, leading to poor traffic and lead generation, thereby failing to justify the costs involved.


  1. Improve keyword strategy to target higher-impact search terms.
  2. Enhance content and link-building practices to better reflect targeted keywords and industry focus.
  3. Achieve first-page Google rankings for new, high-value keywords.
  4. Increase website traffic, lead generation, and customer conversion rates significantly.
  5. Demonstrate a substantial return on investment (ROI) from SEO activities.


An eight-month comprehensive SEO plan was developed to address these objectives:

  • Keyword Optimization: Compiled a list of 10 new, high-value keywords relevant to the hotel and software industries for targeted SEO efforts.
  • Industry-Focused Link Building: Identified and secured link placements on blogs and websites pertinent to both the hotel industry and software technology sectors.
  • Consistent Link Building Efforts: Implemented a rigorous schedule of weekly link-building activities to enhance domain authority and relevance.


The revamped SEO strategy delivered impressive outcomes over the course of 17 months:

Web Traffic and Lead Generation:

Google Organic Search drove 63,000 site visits, yielding 776 new customer leads and ultimately converting 63 new customers.

Keyword Ranking Success:

Achieved first-page ranking on Google for all targeted keywords within six months.

Lead Quality and Conversion:

SEO became the top lead-generating tactic, boasting the highest conversion rate at 52%.

Financial Impact:

Each new customer represented a first-year value of $3,000, translating to monthly sales of $48,000 attributable to SEO, against an SEO service cost of $3,000 per month.


 Monthly ROI of $45,000 or 16x the investment in SEO services.


The strategic overhaul of the SEO practices for this SaaS company not only rectified previous inefficiencies but established a highly effective lead generation engine. This case study exemplifies how tailored SEO strategies, particularly in competitive industries like software and hospitality, can yield significant business growth and financial returns.


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