SEO Case Study: Best Phoenix DUI Lawyer

Case Study: Establishing Online Presence for Phoenix DUI Lawyer


Industry: Legal Services

Introduction, operated by a seasoned DUI defense attorney in Phoenix, Arizona, aimed to establish a robust online presence. The objective was to rank prominently on Google’s first page for highly competitive local search terms pertinent to DUI legal services.


The client was launching a new website and needed to quickly achieve high visibility for critical local keywords such as “Drunk Driving Lawyers” and “DUI Attorneys” to attract potential clients in the Phoenix area. Starting from zero online presence posed a significant challenge in a competitive legal market.


  1. Develop a strong domain name that incorporates relevant keywords to enhance SEO.
  2. Optimize the website for search engines with targeted content and meta-data.
  3. Achieve first-page ranking on Google for the chosen competitive keywords.
  4. Generate significant local traffic to the website from the Phoenix area.


A comprehensive eight-month SEO and link-building strategy was devised:

  • Keyword-Focused Domain: Purchased to leverage keyword-based advantages.
  • On-Site Optimization: Enhanced title tags, headings, and site content with targeted keywords and had Google index the new site.
  • Anchor Text Diversity: Developed a list of 10 keywords for anchor text to use in link-building efforts.
  • Industry-Specific Link Building: Placed links on blogs and websites within the legal industry.
  • Local Focus: Targeted blogs and websites specific to the Phoenix area.
  • Web 2.0 Utilization: Created profiles and content on platforms like RebelMouse, Tumblr, Blogger, and Weebly, linking back to the client’s site.
  • Consistent Link Building: Engaged in regular weekly activities to build and maintain link authority.


After the dedicated execution of the SEO strategy:

Website Traffic:

Grew from zero to 1,100 unique monthly visitors from the Phoenix area.

Keyword Ranking ("Drunk Driving Lawyers"):

Achieved the #2 position on Google.

Keyword Ranking ("DUI Attorneys"):

Also secured the #2 spot on Google.


The strategic approach to SEO and link-building for not only established a new website in a competitive niche but also propelled it to the top of search results for critical keywords. This case study underscores the efficacy of a well-planned SEO strategy in enhancing online visibility and driving targeted traffic, essential for success in the legal services market.


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