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Setting up a business page on Facebook is dangerously easy. Many business owners have the marketing sense to create a page for their online or brick-and-mortar business, but they fail to employ a number of key tweaks that could help ensure the page is a success. A neglected, poorly optimized Facebook page will do you little good, and can even harm your business’s credibility. Here are a few tips guaranteed to help your Facebook business page find success.

Make Imagery Consistent with Your Brand

The whole point of creating and maintaining a Facebook business page is to extend your brand’s influence into the social media sphere. You don’t want to botch the message. The imagery you use for your page’s profile picture and background image must be the same brand imagery found on your associated blog, website, and email newsletters. Even a slight variation on your established aesthetic might cause your potential customers to question your business’s professionalism and staying power. To gain your customers’ confidence, you must be consistent.

When choosing a photo, know that Facebook places restrictions on the size of your profile picture. In order to maintain visual consistency with your logo, try and scale the image down to fit Facebook’s requirements with your own image-editing software. This way you have more control over the final presentation. Facebook requires its profile images to be 180 pixels by 180 pixels.

Add Appropriate Links in Profile and Image Descriptions

Never deny yourself an opportunity to plug your business’s website or blog. Facebook business pages allow you just such an opportunity in the “descriptions” for the profile image and your cover photo. Whereas your initial thought might be to use these spaces to provide literal descriptions of the images above, the savvy social media marketer knows to use this digital real estate to provide relevant links to other online business assets. Such links can be great opportunities to allow your visitors quick, convenient access to relevant information about your company and products; and they also bolster your page’s marketing credibility.

Tweak Your Abbreviated “About” Section

Your Facebook page’s abbreviated “About” section, visible on your opening scroll, is often the first place your visitors look before deciding to scroll down and peruse the rest of your page. You need to make sure this section contains a link to your business website, and clearly and succinctly describes your business’ category. Don’t make the mistake of taking for granted that any guests visiting your Facebook page already know what kind of product or service your business provides. These visitors may have arrived at your page by indirect means, and by not presenting them with a succinct description of your service, you may lose some of these “walk-in” customers.

Spruce Up Your Proper “About” Section

Make sure you flesh out your proper “About” page, which your customers can access by clicking on your abbreviated “About” section’s “See All” tab. Here you can provide a brief and succinct mission statement for your business. This is a valuable opportunity to connect with your ideal customer. Avoid the temptation to make this section too long and detailed, as you will risk scaring your visitor away via dense, meaty word blocks. Keep it simple.

Facebook also allows you to use the “About” section to include additional information critical to your customers’ decision-making process. Are there any recent accomplishments or awards associated with your service? Does your business offer free parking? Do you have an associated Twitter account?

Following these simple tips will certainly improve your Facebook business page’s efficacy as a legitimate marketing asset. Although some may seem overly simple, consider the implications for your business if any of these areas are neglected. While you cannot force customers to visit your page, you can certainly build them a page worth visiting.