The Accelerated Growth Roadmap

for Small Businesses

9 clear steps to triple your sales by getting your internet marketing right



Get prospects reaching your website
from SEO, Directories & other
non-paid sources without wasting a
bunch of time on content & links.



Convert 2-10X more leads from visitors that get to your website without spending a ton on fancy web designers.



Get clear on how much to invest in your marketing to achieve your sales & growth targets without guessing or overspending.


Profitably tap into paid traffic sources to drive unlimited targeted leads without overspending & dealing with tire kickers.


Drive more online reviews from your happy clients and develop a great reputation online without begging your clients or chasing them down.


Know exactly how much you are investing per lead for your services without complicated reports or calculators.


Generate leads, more conversions & sales by marketing to your existing customers & prospect list via email, SMS & phone.


Every lead is followed up with in 30 seconds or less & touched at least 5 times automatically without bogging down your office staff.


Know your ROI from your marketing investment & where you should spend more to drive even better results.

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Solid Website – Built for Lead Generation & Ranking on Google

Your website is the foundation of your strategic marketing system. It’s often the first point of contact that prospective customers have with your business. As such, it’s crucial that your website not only looks clean, new, and attractive, but that it also functions as a lead generation platform. Your website must be optimized for the Google Search Engine, as this is where many prospective clients will go to find your business. To run a successful, lucrative marketing program, your website must be designed to collect leads and optimized to rank among the top results on Google. This is essential in generating more traffic and ultimately driving sales for your business.

thompson website anatomy
google search listings breakdown

Strong SEO – Building Up Your Website  & Google Business Listing to Rank at the Top of Search Results

Every day, thousands of people are searching on Google for products or services in their local market. It’s crucial that your business is found by these potential customers. To achieve this, it’s essential to rank your website and Google map listing at the top of the search results. This can be achieved through a powerful practice called search engine optimization (SEO), which allows you to dominate your competition in the Google search results. With SEO, you can increase your visibility, attract more traffic to your website, and ultimately convert more leads into paying customers. By prioritizing SEO as a key component of your marketing strategy, you can position your business for long-term success in any competitive industry.

Pinpoint PPC – Running Effective Google Ads to Generate a Consistent Flow of Leads

In addition to search engine optimization, running targeted Google ads to searchers can provide an immediate boost in lead generation. Although Google ads can be challenging for non-advertising professionals, the potential benefits are enormous. By leveraging a combination of search ads, Youtube video ads, and remarketing ads that follow prospects throughout their internet journey, you can accelerate your lead generation instantly. These targeted ads can help increase your business’s visibility, drive more traffic to your website, and ultimately generate more leads and sales for your business. By incorporating Google ads into your marketing strategy, you can take your lead generation efforts to the next level and achieve faster, more immediate results. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your marketing efforts and achieve long-term success in any competitive  industry.

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Smart Lead Automation System – Follows Up & Delivers New Customers With Minimal Human Effort

Generating leads on a consistent, predictable basis can be an overwhelming task for any small business. With every lead being critical to your business, it’s essential to respond within five minutes of a form submission or phone call. Speed is the essence of turning leads into customers, and you don’t want to miss out on any opportunity by letting leads fall through the cracks. That’s where automation comes in. By automating lead responses during off-hours and follow-ups without human intervention, you can ensure that no lead goes unattended, and all leads are nurtured effectively. Automating lead responses is the secret to scaling your business, allowing you to generate more leads and convert them into paying customers without compromising the quality of your service. Don’t let a lead slip away, automate your lead response and follow-up process to take your business to the next level and achieve long-term success.

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The Next Steps On Your Road to Growth

To discover how the Accelerated Growth Marketing System can help scale your small business, follow the steps outlined below.


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Step 2: Get Your Accelerated Growth Marketing System Up and Running.

We create a customized plan for you based on proven strategies that are designed to help you dominate your market and rapidly grow your business.


Step 3: Boost Your Visibility, Attract More Inbound Leads, and Win More Customers!

Improve your visibility to in your market, generate a consistent and reliable stream of leads, and win more business in a predictable way.


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