This Book Details A Simple Process To Higher Rankings on Google And More Revenue From The Internet

The Step-by-Step Process We Use To Rank Our Clients In The Top Search Results While Driving Tremendous Revenue

Reading this book, you will learn:

  • Market research prepares you for the campaign. We will show you how to take an in-depth look at your business, targeted customers, and competition. What we learn at this stage will prepare us for Step 2.
  • Keyword research helps you determine the best keywords to build your campaign around. It is the most important step since these chosen search terms will direct your entire campaign.
  • Website optimization helps the Google bot read your site correctly. This will allow Google to understand your website through the strategic placement of your top keywords.
  • Link building is where you start building your website's authority for those keywords. The higher quality, relevant links tells Google that your site deserves more visibility for your subject matter.
  • Tracking & reporting will help you measure your progress and see if you are generating more traffic from Google organic search results. You will be introduced to software reporting tools to keep you up to date on your campaign.

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