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Content marketing and SEO are a magical combination when successfully implemented. You’re providing content potential customers will find useful and optimizing your content for search engine crawlers. To improve your odds of increased search engine rankings, there are a number of tricks you should consider hiding up your marketer’s sleeve. Integrate the following five tips into your content marketing/SEO efforts and watch how quickly your content moves up on search engines like Google and Bing.


Create Irresistible Images

The quality of your content marketing images can have a huge influence on whether your posts earn plenty of search engine love. Stick with stock images or boring old feature images and your content won’t go anywhere in search engine rankings. Create a detailed infographic that readers will be hard-pressed not to share and the chances your content will rank greatly increase. Make sure your images are share-worthy before hitting publish and you’ll significantly boost your content marketing ROI.


Content Guru Tip: Offer an embed code for your infographic to supercharge distribution


Distribute Like a Virus

Speaking of distribution, if you take a strategic approach to distribution your chances of SEO ranking superiority increase. Pay attention to which social networking platform posts are indexed by search engines, i.e. Twitter, Pinterest, Google+. Make sure your titles are optimized for the keywords you want to rank for and that you are sharing your content marketing posts on platforms where your posts will be indexed. Distribute your content on discovery platforms like StumbleUpon and Firespotting. Think about where your target audience is most likely to discover your content and share your posts on those platforms. Niche forums can be an awesome source of traffic and a huge SEO boost.


Integrate Influencer Knowledge

Another way to increase your chances of SEO ranking success is to integrate influencer knowledge into your content marketing posts. Share quotes from market influencers in your posts and advise influencers of their inclusion when you share your content on social media. Influencers love to be quoted and are likely to share your content marketing posts with their audience on social media, thus giving your content yet another indexed social media link. Use this tactic sparingly or you’ll soon become regarded as an influencer-quoting spammer.


Offer a Data Deep Dive

The deeper your data, the better your chances of SEO success. Search engine crawlers love to rank data-rich content. Offer research data that is more extensive than competing articles, and your content is likely to rank higher in search engines. Make sure your data is easily digestible for increased chances of social sharing.


Become a Semantic Keyword Master

Content marketers who become semantic keyword masters significantly increase their search engine optimization opportunities. Integrate factors like voice search into your semantic keyword strategy and you’ll soon become a SEO rock star. Use tools like UberSuggest.io or AnswerThePublic.com to turbocharge your SEO efforts. When you give your content marketing posts every opportunity to rank for multiple phrases related to your target keyword, the SEO gods are likely to smile favorably upon your posts.


Maximizing the potential of your content marketing is crucial if you want long-term ROI. Incorporate the above-listed search engine optimization tips into your content strategy and you’ll be amazed at how well your content will perform in search engine rankings. As with any marketing endeavor, be patient and the rewards will come. Do you think you’ll be able to improve your content marketing efforts this year by focusing on increased search engine rankings?