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Search Engine Optimization starts with knowing where you’re currently at. Only then can you determine where you want to be. Our 6-step SEO audit allows us to perform in-depth research on your existing site and provide specific recommendations to improve your rankings. After the audit, we’ll propose a plan tailored to your needs that will show how we’ll get you the final results. Here’s how we’ll approach the audit:

1. Getting The Lay Of The Land

The first thing we do when auditing your website for SEO is configure our crawling tools and start collecting data associated with your site to learn where you currently rank.

2. Auditing Accessibility

This part of the audit looks at how search engines are currently able to access your website. We want to make sure the basics are there and nothing is impeding the engines from crawling the pages.

3. Indexability

Once we determine that search engines can access your pages, next we want to make sure they’re actually indexing them (including them in results).

4. On-Page Ranking Factors

Now that we’ve determined that your site is being indexed and crawled, we’ll review more about what factors on your site influence those rankings.

5. Off-Page Ranking Factors

While what’s on your website is important for SEO, what’s off the website is just as important. Your site’s quality is largely determined by the quality of the sites linking to it.

6. Competitive Analysis

After we’ve reviewed your site in detail, we’ll also compare it against 3 competitors in all of the ways listed above, and compile the data down into actionable items.


Landing Pages

Landing pages help you rank for targeted keywords and we’ll help you develop them. Instead of one page trying to rank for multiple keywords, it’s better to create a separate page for every keyword you want to target.

Link Building

This is where we engage with people to receive links. The goal is to get high quality vs. high volume links as Google penalizes sites that have too many low quality links.

Why SEO is Critical to Small Businesses in Connecticut?

Local Connecticut SEO is excellent and essential for your company simply because for people with a company in Connecticut, you’d want the people of the area to discover you on the Internet rather than people from Mexico or Canada.

Without local Search engine optimization, regardless of how well you rank in internet searches, all the non-local website traffic you get will never convert. For this reason, you have to focus on local Search engine optimization for the following factors.

Local Search engine optimization provides more customized results. However its predictive and personalized search capabilities are somewhat limited, search engines can produce particular results depending on who performs the search.

Therefore any time you log into a Google account in Connecticut, your geographic position and search history impacts the search results you get. With people demanding more personalized results, and Google developing more sophisticated, local optimization is only going to increase in demand and value.

The birth of mobile and wearable gadgets like the Apple Watch has resulted in an increase in the amount of people performing searches on the run. These folks are typically people that have urgent needs and want something right away. This will see a rise in local Internet searches determined by hyper-specific locations rather than just a county or neighborhood-specific basis.

While millions of new websites are built each year, the competition has elevated immensely. This augmented competition encourages businesses to discover smaller target niches for greater online visibility. Local Search engine optimization is an excellent way of accomplishing this, meaning the solutions of a local Connecticut SEO expert grows in significance as competition grows.

Local Search engine optimization offers local-focused visibility, critical to small businesses that have just began their business. For greatest results and effectiveness, it’s best to upload high quality images as well as other business pertinent things.

A local search engine optimization expert can help establish potential alliances between two business organizations by generating links between them and assisting with social sharing objectives. Therefore marketers can find prospective clients that will help with the business’s long-term growth. Additionally, networking with other site owners help deliver an improvement to their business strategy.

Local Search engine optimization helps expand your business because your website is your business’s 2nd location. It is better for prospective local clients to communicate with your company by researching your company website. It’s imperative that you maintain it continuously updated with educational and interactive content pertinent to your business’s long-term growth.

Using a local Search engine optimization expert to carry out the proper steps and functions in your site might seem to be an extra cost. In spite of this their solutions proves lucrative for you as studies have verified that most of the local mobile device and laptop computer searches result in brick and mortar purchases.

If you supply the right content and information by means of your local Search engine optimization activities, it raises your online visibility. All of this helps link you to the right consumers that happen to be the people performing online searches for your small business.

Therefore regardless of what your business might be, you want the help of a local Search engine optimization expert to create local website traffic and potential clients to your site. This demonstrates the value of local Search engine optimization to your site!

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