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Jason Healey at J2H Digital did an exceptional job on our recent SEO project. Ambitious and efficient SEO strategist – that’s him! When you get to connect with him, you’ll discover an amazing person with unique SEO skills! Jason Healey definitely shines in the Digital Marketing World.

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Why Do You Need a Boston SEO Expert?

It’s not enough to have a website to establish an online presence for your Boston business. You need to use the right local SEO techniques to optimize your website and generate more organic search traffic to your site and to your business.

The importance of local SEO has increased since Google’s Pigeon update in 2014 and since then, many businesses and marketers have taken full advantage of its benefits. As it’s time-consuming and tedious attempting to do all this yourself, here’s why you too need to hire a local Boston SEO company to help with your website SEO:

1. Local exposure

The main reason is that Boston SEO targets the people in Boston which becomes a strong marketing tool for small business owners starting their Boston business. Moreover, it is said that Google has recently shown a slight favoritism to newer, smaller and agiler companies.

Google now not only ranks sites based on the brand’s history and authority but also provides small business owners with limited resource access to break new ground and compete with the larger businesses. Business owners can use the help of free tools Google provides like Analytics and Webmaster Tools to increase their local online visibility.

2. Helps build links

Local Boston SEO helps build potential partnerships between two business firms by building a link between them and helping them with their social sharing purposes. Consequently, marketers get to meet potential local clients who help the business grow.

These meetings with local Boston bloggers and other website owners change the approach towards business positively. This may even lead to the initiation of events or new business ideas which can be used for future profit-making strategies.

3. More people going mobile

An increasing number of people today conduct Google searches on mobile devices instead of PCs. People prefer conducting searches on the go to get immediate results on mobile phones and wearable devices like smartwatches and Apple Watches.


This thus leads to an increase in the number of Boston proximity-based searches as local searches are based on hyper-specific locations instead of geographic or neighborhood-specific basis. In fact, wearable devices generate a more relevant network of information while eliminating barriers between the digital and physical worlds.

4. Extended business

With the website being your business’s second address, local SEO will help make it easier for people to interact with your business. A Boston SEO company uses local SEO strategies, making it easy for people to locate, study and update your business webpage with the engaging content necessary for the future growth of the business.

It’s important that you constantly update your site so that prospective customers get a better idea of the products and services you have to offer.

5. Generates profit

If implemented properly, SEO techniques can help generate more profit and online exposure for your business to give your site a better page ranking. With studies proving that more than 75% of local mobile and laptop searches result in offline purchases, it proves that local SEO is very important for your business.

6. Individualized results

With users demanding more individualized results in their searches, local Boston SEO helps produce specific results based on people conducting searches for specific businesses or products located in Boston. As long as Boston locals are logged into their Google account, their search history and geographic location affect the type of results they expect to see through their searches.

7. Increased competition

With the creation of millions of new sites and thousands of new businesses stabilizing every year, the potential search visibility automatically drops in many areas. Business owners thus have to find smaller target niches to achieve relevant visibility through local a Boston SEO Expert.

It’s better to leave all this to experts. The right SEO company will help you and your business gain the search engine visibility you seek to increase your business. You will thus see a marked difference and increase in website traffic and business within a few weeks or months’ time.

Jason is an expert and possesses proven strategies in SEO, online marketing and reputation management. As a result, he provides a massive advantage to all who are fortunate enough to work with him. He is also a great communicator, very personable and inspirational. I highly recommend Jason.

Robb Lejuwaan

CEO, Moblized, Inc.

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Welcome to J2H Digital, the Leading Boston SEO Agency, as I am the Owner Jason Healey. We have one main goal for our clients: Increase revenue from the Internet. It’s worthless to rank on the first page of Google if the customer base and revenue don’t increase. That’s why we provide an Internet marketing strategy that focuses on increasing visibility in Google search results, driving more customers to your business and increasing revenue for your business.

The sad truth is that inferior competitors that rank ahead of your business on Google will be getting the customers and you will be losing money. It’s important to work with an agency that has proven to rank on the first page of Google for some of the most competitive keywords on Google. You will see some of the results we have achieved for our customers in the screenshots above. We can provide these same results for you and your business.

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