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You may be wondering who I am or what makes me qualified to speak on this topic. I would be thinking the same thing unless my last name was Google. I am a small business owner who provides digital marketing services to small to mid-size companies throughout the United States. My core specialty is search engine optimization (SEO) services.

I have been providing SEO services to clients since 2012. I am an an online certified marketing professional (OCMP), a certified SEO expert through MarketMotive, and a certified professional in digital media and marketing through Duke University.

Mission Statement:

Educate business owners and marketers on how to grow their business and reach new heights through search engine optimization.

Core Values:

  • Give Open, Honest Advice to All Business Owners & Marketers On Search Engine Optimization.
  • Believe in Karma, what comes around goes around.
  • Life is Too short. Only Work with People Who You Like
  • Be as real as possible. People run into enough snakes, be the exception.
  • Be willing to walk away from any deal if you can't help them grow their business

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