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While the focus of SEO is mostly placed on backlinks and on-page optimization, it is also vital to analyze data. Understanding what is working enables you to perform the tasks that bring in the best results, while reducing factors that are less effective. A key aspect of this analysis is rank tracking. Keeping track of the keywords your site ranks for shows what has been working, but also allows you to plot a path for the future. While manual tracking will be time-consuming and patchy, thankfully there are a number of rank tracking tools that can perform the task for you.

Microsite Masters

Microsite Masters offer a number of tiered plans, providing tracking for between 1,500 and 15,000 keywords. You can track terms for a specific country or individual city, making it a good option for local businesses or agencies. Additionally, you can integrate your analytics, so it is possible to measure your traffic levels for each keyword.

Moz Rank Tracker

Moz Rank Tracker is available as part of a Moz Pro subscription. Moz Pro includes various keyword research, backlink analyzer, and brand mention tools, making it a good investment for anyone active in SEO. The rank tracker lets you monitor desktop and mobile results, location-specific queries, and competitor rankings.

Authority Labs Rank Checker

Authority Labs provide daily reporting, with the ability to analyze results based on changes made to your SEO plan. The tool can also be configured to include personal branding, so you can show your own logo to clients. Authority Labs have also developed a free rank checking tool, but it does not include the same level of reporting as the premium option.


RankWatch has a rank checking feature, but also includes a number of SEO tools including a backlink analyzer and competitor analysis. RankWatch lets you drill down within a specific search engine, with the ability to focus on an individual city. The tool will also provide suggestions for keywords that you currently rank for, but could increase rankings with some additional optimization.

SEObook Rank Checker

The SEObook Rank Checker is a Firefox extension. The extension will suit anyone who wants a free tool or is uncomfortable giving their data to a rank checking service. The tool works within your own browser, so there is the possibility of a temporary search engine suspension if you are using a long keyword list. While it might not offer the convenience of an online product, SEObook has created a free extension that will benefit users.

Advanced Web Ranking (AWR)

AWR has a number of features that will appeal to agencies with large client bases. The tool lets you create separate users, so all your rankings are not mixed within a single list. You can also create white label reports, providing detailed data with your own branding. If you need social media data, AWR analyzes shares across the most popular platforms.


Whitespark is an effective option for anyone focused on local rankings. For local businesses or SEO agencies, Whitespark tracks results based on location, with the local pack, maps, and organic results included. Some local tracking only includes the organic results, so a comprehensive service like Whitespark helps to give a complete picture.

When you know exactly which pages are ranking for specific keywords, your SEO planning becomes far easier. You can focus attention on the pages close to the first page for significant keywords, helping to gain quick results and consistent traffic. The search engines have changed in recent years, so it is possible for a site to rank for hundreds of different keyword phrases. By successfully monitoring your rankings across such a broad selection of terms, you can ensure you maximize the results for the effort you put in.