The Shock & Awe Customer Getting System

Email Marketing On Steroids

It’s Not About Delivering Services. It’s About Delivering Results.

A business grows by generating a consistent flow of high quality leads that turn into closed deals. When it comes to marketing, leads and sales are all that matters. Period. Everything else such as Likes, Instagram followers, traffic, etc. are just noise and smoke. For over 10 years our enhance email campaign platform has served thousands of small to mid-sized businesses like yours. Our enhance email database of over 145,000,000 consumers and 45 million businesses guarantees delivering successful multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Listen this isn’t our first rodeo. We know In order for you to reach your goals and dreams for your life, your family and your business, you need a consistent flow of sales.  How do successful businesses grow?  First off, growth is a numbers game and it follows a simple thre step formula

  1. Increase engagement with high quality leads
  2. Place them in your sales funnel
  3. Close more sales

We can deliver the targeted leads to your business and set up a sales funnel for you if you don’t have one. Then, its up to you to close the deals. Fair enough?


The Components of Our Shock & Awe Customer Getting System:

Enhanced Email

Landing Page Design

Yahoo/Gmail Sponsored Ads

Offer Development

Facebook Retargeting Ads


Strategy Analysis

Google Retargeting Ads

Proprietary Database List

How We Work With Our Clients


We deliver service and product offers directly to your target audience. Track and measure campaign ROI in days not months.


The foundation is an enhanced email campaign augmented with paid Google / Yahoo Ads, and contextual links. The results are guaranteed.


It is about results, nothing else matters. We guarantee the number of clicks to your offers. 100% money back no questions asked!


Hyper-target those that clicked on your offer and didn’t buy into customers by reengage them on Facebook Ads, and Google Display Ads.

“J2H Digital is a true master of  their craft and an expert in their field. “

Jason is an expert and possesses proven strategies in SEO, online marketing and reputation management. As a result, he provides a massive advantage to all who are fortunate enough to work with him. He is also a great communicator, very personable and inspirational. I highly recommend Jason.

Robb Lejuwaan

Founder, BluHook

I would highly recommend Jason at J2H Digital. He is a true Marketing professional and can definitely take your business to the next level. He is always up to date on the latest marketing strategies and strives to meet his client’s goals. I would even go as far to say that his company is one of the best marketing agencies in the US.

Stacey Flick

CEO, Acen Digital

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Learn the 5-Step Process that has generated success to many Tech companies around the World! No fluff, All actionable steps to drive more inbound leads to your Company!





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