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“Jason is an amazing professional with integrity and values I did not expect to find from day one of our discussions. I am pleased beyond words with Jason and have no reluctance in recommending him to anyone that asks me about the services he offers.”

Sandro Monteblanco, Esq.
Managing Partner, Monteblanco & Associates

“Jason Healey did an exceptional job on our recent SEO project. When you get to connect with him, you’ll discover an amazing person with unique SEO skills! Jason Healey definitely shines in the Digital Marketing World.”

Ted Politidis
Senior SEO Manager, Western Union Bank

“Jason is the REAL DEAL. He addressed our concerns and provided a clear plan to get us ranked where we wanted to be. Not only did he deliver what he said he would, Jason is also professional, hard-working and personable. “

Margaret Mariano
Realtor, SRE Matrix

Why Do You Need a Law Firm SEO Expert?

Law firm SEO (search engine optimization) is a critical component of success for lawyers in today’s highly competitive marketplace on the World Wide Web. If your business website does not rank high on search engines, such as Google, you will not be discovered by clients that require the services that you offer. SEO for lawyers is essential because each day, hundreds –possibly thousands – of people search the internet in order to discover an attorney that will assist them with their legal matters. If you want to be discovered and want clients to hire you, you must be discoverable. Law firm SEO will not only place you on the first pages of major search engines, it will positively impact your overall success in terms of building your brand, establishing your
reputation, and increasing your profits.

1. Keywords and Keyword Phrases

When potential clients turn to the World Wide Web in an effort to discover a highly knowledgeable and skilled attorney, they will use certain words and phrases. In the world of SEO, these are called “Keywords” and “Keyword Phrases”. A keyword is a single word, such as
“legal” or “lawyer”. A keyword phrase is a string of words such as “a cheap divorce lawyer” or “a lawyer that wins”. The goal of law firm SEO is to ensure that your website pages are associated with the most searched for keywords and keyword phrases, as it relates to your legal expertise and the services that you offer clients. If you are able to successfully gain visibility for a wide assortment of keywords and keyword phrases that consumers utilize in order to discover legal aid, you have a high level of probability of acquiring massive amounts of business.

2. Website Design

While keywords and keyword phrases are certainly one of the most important aspects to law firm SEO, website design is also critical to increasing SEO for lawyers. When potential clients land on your business website, it is essential that it displays visually-appealing graphics, professional lines, exquisite colors, and highly-compelling text-based content. You, literally, only have seconds to capture the attention of your target audience and compel them to contact your law firm. You must ensure that your website is user-friendly, directs appropriately, appears to be highly professional, and includes a direct call to action that instructs your potential clients of the steps that you want them to take in order to develop a working relationship with you. Website design is one of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects to law firm SEO.

3. Engagement

The third component to ensuring optimal SEO for lawyers is to have a strong social media presence online. This indicates a high level of engagement. When potential clients seek out legal services, they want to work with an attorney that communicates effectively and on a consistent basis. They want to get to know you, on a professional level. By having a strong level of online engagement, people will feel as if they are developing a relationship with you before they even meet you face-to-face. You should have a certain level of transparency on the major social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook when it comes to your education, your talents, your skills, and your legal knowledge. Furthermore, you should often link your legal firm’s website pages to your social media accounts. All of this will enhance your search engine optimization success!


Today, innovation and technology are exceptionally important aspects to all of our lives. If you want to experience any degree of success with your law firm, it is imperative that you take your business to the internet; however, it does not end there. You must ensure that your law firm SEO is spot-on. If you fail to integrate the use of keywords, keyword phrases, optimize the design of
your website, and engage with potential clients, you are sure to find that you fail to succeed. SEO for lawyers is more than just a good idea; it is a necessary component to being discovered by clients that require your services, building your reputation, and succeeding in today’s highly competitive legal marketplace. By optimizing your law firm SEO, you are strategically placing your business on the road to success!

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2ab67ebWelcome to J2H Digital, a Law Firm SEO Agency, as I am the Owner Jason Healey. We have one main goal for our clients: Increase revenue from the Internet. It’s worthless to rank on the first page of Google if the customer base and revenue don’t increase. That’s why we provide an Internet marketing strategy that focuses on increasing visibility in Google search results, driving more customers to your business and increasing revenue for your business.

The sad truth is that inferior competitors that rank ahead of your business on Google will be getting the customers and you will be losing money. It’s important to work with an agency that has proven to rank on the first page of Google for some of the most competitive keywords on Google. You will see some of the results we have achieved for our customers in the screenshots above. We can provide these same results for you and your business.

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