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How To Search Engine Optimize Your Website In 2016

Successful SEO is necessary to the success of a law practice. With an increase of prospective clients relying on Google to locate legal assistance, a successful legal practice’s website being fully Search Engine Optimized isn’t just recommended these days; it has become a requirement. For many law practices, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the cornerstone of their Internet presence. Without it, a Google search on your legal practice could send prospective clients to various other websites, including LinkedIn or even Facebook, as opposed to your site. This kind of misdirection can lead to lost customer…

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Getting Trashed Online and What You Can Do About It

I had a client who was a C celebrity, not even cutting it to the B level. He went through an ugly divorce, and his ex-wife ran his name through the mud. Unfortunately, the mudslinging by his ex-wife made it onto a bunch of online publications. This resulted in many negative posts that appeared on…

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The Two Most Critical SEO Tactics For Every Law Practice

I have been working with law firms on their SEO initiatives for several years now. I have had the opportunity of working with some major firms that are ranking on the 1st page of Google for big money keywords such as Los Angeles Car Accident lawyer and New York Personal injury lawyer. These guys are…

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More Bang For Your Buck: PPC or SEO?

Typically, when speaking to potential clients, I am often asked what has a better ROI: PPC (search engine advertising) or SEO (organic search results). Ok, I have to be upfront and mention that I provide SEO services to my law firm clients so I might be a tad impartial (ok, massively impartial). However, I think…

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SEO for Small Businesses Demystified

When you are looking for a quality SEO consultant, it can be hard to differentiate between the snake oil salesperson and the experts. The only way you can identify the real ones from the ones that will waste your money is their results with other sites. You may be saying, “Well they all have case…

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